Peeking into the mouth of the Dragon

🌈❤️🙏Journaling from 5/2/2017. Powerful therapy session that day.

After a couple years with ADHD and depression as first diagnoses that started me on rounds of varying meds and intensive therapy work, it now seems possible it is not ADHD after all but possibly ( 😜) just BiPolar, and or PTSD. I have been working really really hard this last year (with a lot of good but painful results) digging into my psyche with help and finding the stuck, hurt and malfunctional pockets that are keeping me from fully living life. Sometimes it is so hard!! But it is helping… i can tell.

I am like a young child so much of the time, really not understanding so many hurtful things people can do or say, ofter without even thinking. I have done the same thing to others on occasion without meaning to. Why are we so quick to over react too often and throw out hurtful words, or cynical judgemental words? We were taught to Love one another, to love thy neighbor as thyself… is it a lack of self love that makes us lash out?

At the same time I am an old soul full of wisdom and compassion. That part is harder for me to accept.

I challenge you to list at least 2 qualities about yourself that you find to be good. Then think of 2 good qualities about someone you fear or despise. I am not saying you have to like them now… some things we need to stay away from for our own sanity and good health. Just surround them with light and picture the good in them (and in ourselves) growing stronger.

None of us deserve to be abused by others, either with words or physical harm. We also should not be abusing others.

Stop and breathe deeply a few times before reacting, in person or on facebook, and ask yourself if what you feel like saying back to someone is hurtful or helpful. Ask yourself what energy (back to you or others) will it invite in return. Will it cause an escalation of hate or bring about better understanding?

Try hard to take a moment in such situations and make a decision to Act rather than just React. Try to look at things from different points of view. Are you really understanding what they meant by the words they chose to speak? Ask for clarification. Perhaps agree to disagree agreeable rather than simply hating them for having a different point of view.

So many feeling and thoughts swirling around inside me right now… i peeked into the dragon’s mouth today and became so agitated and scared and yet with help I was able to breath through another layer. I even found a new “green cave” under a tree to sit in and ponder while the world goes on by around me.

Next week, back for more, another layer of discovery and hopefully healing. I feel so blessed getting to work with my current therapist, although the style would not work for everyone. One has to be ready to tackle the dragon and hopefully overcome. One has to be willing to do the emotional work inolved; willing to open the door to the trauma from the past in order to find healing in the heart and soul; willing to work with energy fields to find the pain trapped in the cells of the body amd release it into the light.

I am finally willing, mostly at least, but also trepidatious. However I am even more afraid of staying stuck in the trauma from past, and wanting fiercely to move into a present that recognizes all my past pain, blesses it and lets it go. I want to move into a future unencumbered by the fears; a future better able to help others because I have helped and recharged myself.

By now if you made it this far you might be wondering why i share this with so many… i do it for the ones who also struggle… those who need encouragement that it is possible to work through the burdens that weigh us down and hold us back. I do it for those who speak thoughtlessly and hurt others, to ask them to look into themselves to find the old pain they carry that causes them to lash out, and work first on themselves before criticizing others. I do this because perhaps this is one of my own spiritual gifts, to be a catalyst as well as an empath and artist.

Oh, and since I wrote the above journaling entry, I worked intensely on PTSD issues going way back to childhood. Now it’s much more clear that the underlying condition is ADD.

2 thoughts on “Peeking into the mouth of the Dragon

  1. You write with such clarity, I can see it comes from deep within. May you be blessed for sharing. You have touched so many with your openness and candor. I am glad I met you and can call you my friend. Sending you hugs and LOVE!

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