If the world were built for me

If the world were built for me there would be no start times or end times, there would just be the work that needed doing and the space in which to …If the world were built for me I really love this poem and concept… Below are a few of my own thoughts.  If … Continue reading If the world were built for me

The Divided States

Have we blurred the lines between news and entertainment such that we no longer make the distinction between journalism and editorial?The Divided States This wonderful blog post from Todd Garlington has gotten me pondering again. I’ve been contemplating these issues a great deal, and I’ve never been a political person whatsoever. I avoid the TV … Continue reading The Divided States

Persection in 1845

Our family knows plenty about persecution. The following story Is an Excerpt from the Life storyOf my 3rd Great Grandparents,Edmond Durfee and Magdalena Pickle, Compiled by Hattie Esplin Durfee 1962-1963 Edmond Durfee and Magdalena Pickle “The Hancock desperados, some of the men who had been acquitted of the murder of the ProphetJoseph and his brother … Continue reading Persection in 1845